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Why Daewoo Maximus Trucks ?

  • Outstanding driving and handling characteristics, superb comfort and convenience that begin with a spacious interior, a powerful and rugged power train, impressive hauling capability including hill climbing performance.
  • It is built to handle around-the-the-clock high speed operations that will enhance your bottom line, Equipped with a powerful, dependable engine, the MAXIMUS leads the way in performance and features.
  • The ergonomically designed driver’s space on the MAXIMUS truck harmoniously combines functionality with efficiency.
  • Maximum power output is realized by a state-of-the-art high-pressure fuel injection system that squeezes the maximum amount of power out of each fuel drop.
  • Combined with its abundant cargo hauling capacity, Daewoo trucks cargo truck presents a highly efficient solution to the problem of transporting large cargo loads.
  • Allow Daewoo trucks to be your best choice in cargo transportation.