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Doosan Excavators

Why Doosan Excavators ?

  • Products are designed for convenience, safety, and durability.
  • Superior mechanical engine provides higher quality and lower maintenance costs than the complicated electrical engines.
  • Designed for long life with it's sturdy frame and reinforced upper structure
  • Doosan’s products guarantee a level of proven quality that is unparalleled.
  • Equipped with world class cabins that combine superior comfort, excellent visibility and low noise levels.
  • A wide array of attachments to fit many applications.
  • Proven track record of reliability & efficiency in the KSA.

Wheel Excavators

(5.55 - 20.8 ton)

Delivers outstanding performance and stability as well as enhanced fuel efficiency. Doosan wheeled excavators are a popular choice for operators tackling utility work, street maintenance and construction site tasks.

Mini Excavators

(2.79 - 8.38 ton)

Offers powerful digging capability, great hoisting power, convenience for diverse work environments, and can be easily controlled. Optimum for inner city demands and narrow working conditions.


(14 - 70.1 ton)

Doosan's medium-large excavator boasts a robust body for stable work, and superior power for ultimate performance, regardless of the task. Once equipped with a hydraulic breaker, the excavator becomes ideal for heavy breaking at quarries and other demanding sites.

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