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At SDEC we bring you the best of Doosan Wheel Loaders. Designed to scoop, carry and load materials with ease, these powerful machines face a wide range of material handling tasks - with each model offering outstanding comfort features, superior lifting capacities, and enough torque to penetrate the hardest of materials.

With its proven track record of durability & performance in the harshest of climates, Doosan Wheel Loaders have proven to withstand this regions harshest demands and weather conditions.


  • Various bucket sizes from 2m³ (DL200A) – 5.4m³ (DL550).
  • Doosan Wheel Loaders are designed for convenience, safety, and durability.
  • Superior mechanical engine provides higher quality and lower maintenance costs than the complicated electrical engines.
  • Superior breakout force of up to 260 kN for the DL550 Models.
  • Doosan parts are all designed in house, ensuring the best quality control and maximum performance.
  • Available at various operating weights 11.12 ton (DL200A) – 31.1 ton (DL550).
  • Fastest Wheel Loader in the KSA.

DISD Brand

  • Bucket sizes from 1.7m³ (SD200) – 3m³(SD310).
  • Specifically designed to withstand the regions harshest weather conditions.
  • Breakout force of up to 16.2 tons (SD310).
  • Operating weights from 10.5 tons (SD200) – 17.3 tons (SD310).
  • A Pioneer of Low-RPM Engine Matching Technology.
  • Highest quality and lower maintenance costs are ensured with the use of Doosan's superior mechanical engine.
  • Greater Reliability Ensured by Efficient Cooling.