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SEDC has partnered with Dong Yang to sell Dong Yang cranes which are proven to satisfy the region needs. Dong Yang cranes are one of the best quality types of cranes with a powerful lifting capacity of up to 1.4 tons. Dong Yang machinery is designed with a zero defects philosophy. The brick cranes are one of their continuing endeavors for producing equipment that fulfills the customer needs.

Using Dong Yang crane is an easy process; it just needs one push and a click to get the crane operated. This simple and easy operation is also safe and has a great mobility feature. The crane truck is equipped with a built-in brake to hold the crane boom while moving.

Dong Yang cranes are efficient for different uses. Their extensible booms make them suitable for high rise and heavy weight lifting. Different models have various lifting capacities and extension levels.

They are an excellent solution for most lifting work for different purposes, especially in the construction industry, to load, move and lift construction material to different locations.

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