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Doosan Forklifts

Saudi Diesel offers the best of Doosan Forklifts, bringing its clients a diverse choice of Diesel, LPG and Electric Models with various load capacities ranging from 2 tons up to 25 tons.

Doosan is the world’s leading value forklift brand built on a solid framework of manufacturing experience over 40 years.

Doosan are expanding their product range and continue to build on a reputation for reliable and high quality products designed to meet the most demanding needs of the global market. Doosan’s design breakthrough takes AC technology a leap beyond conventional forklifts by introducing revolutionary AC power and efficiency to both drive and hydraulic motors taking the industry lead in electric truck design and performance.

Why Doosan Forklifts?

  • Proven and durable components.
  • High Powered and fuel efficient Diesel and LPG Engines for high performance, with minimum vibrations.
  • Integrated Instrument Panel.
  • Enhanced Maintenance and Serviceability
  • Reliable power shift transmission.
  • Electric Counterbalance Trucks available from 1.5t - 5.0t: up to 4-Wheel 80-Volt.
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