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SDEC believes in the top quality products only. Products that are designed for reliability and efficiency. Doosan excavator is designed for efficiency, maneuverability, and high performance. The excavators have an optimizing power system that optimizes fuel consumption and at the same time delivers the maximum workforce.

Doosan excavators are of the highest performance thanks to their powerful engine and other performance features. The excavator user can choose to operate in power optimizing mode to reduce fuel consumption or in the power mode for increased speed and faster cycle times.

The machine's design is compact with high usability features and a comfortable steering wheel to suit working in narrow sites and crowded places. The cabins are also designed to ensure the rider's comfort with enough legroom and a suitable visibility level.

All Doosan models have longer lifetimes. They are designed with wide side doors for more comfortable in and out and the LCD monitor that displays the needed maintenance information.

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