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SDEC offers all of the Doosan forklift models, which provide the most efficient and reliable forklift performance in the market. Doosan diesel forklifts have the most powerful engine to give the highest performance. The engine is designed by Doosan, too, so all of the forklift parts are guaranteed to deliver exceptional results.

Other models from Doosan are the LPG and electric forklifts. These models have various load capacities and engine power. Electric forklifts have 3 or 4 wheels to suit different uses and budgets; they are powerful, versatile, and good value for money. High safety standards and technological advancements characterize the LPG forklift truck to ensure the most effective performance with the lowest maintenance and equipment costs.

Doosan forklifts are reliable, heavy-duty, and efficient vehicles designed using the 40 years of experience of Doosan to provide the most extended lifespan and highest performance among counter forklifts in the market.

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