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SDEC offers high-quality large power generator rental from top brands as Doosan and Mitsubishi. Doosan's large generators are the coolest and quietest mobile generators that use a technologically advanced cooling system to operate in high temperatures altogether. Doosan's generators are trusted among customers for their long lifetime and high performance despite the generator's quiet sounds.

Mitsubishi is another trusted name for generators. Mitsubishi's large generators are made of superior materials to operate for the longest time possible with the same efficiency. The generators can deliver consistent power during the whole operation period. They also have a quiet noise level, just like Doosan's generators.

Large generators have different usage purposes as industrial power generation and oil and gas applications. Such industries need a highly efficient and low fuel consuming generator that complies with the global fuel emissions. Both Doosan and Mitsubishi's large generators can serve these purposes and match the customers' needs.

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