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SDEC is keen on providing the best transportation and hauling solutions in commercial truck services. SDEC offers Daewoo Maximus truck, one of the best commercial trucks using a powerful engine that produces a good torque level and high performance even on slippery roads. Daewoo trucks are reliable vehicles, especially on long-distances.

The spacious and comfortable interior is from the top features of the Daewoo Maximus tractor. It provides above-average riding quality with comfortable seats and the best fuel economy. This truck's mechanical problems are minimal, leaving the driver behind the wheel satisfied with the performance and usability.

Daewoo trucks are currently having a growing fleet of commercial trucks, all available by SDEC. The excellent vehicle performance and the after-sales service from Daewoo account for the preference of this Maximus truck among other counterparts. Daewoo trucks is a brand to trust and a well-known name in the commercial trucks market.

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