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SDEC offers a wide range of Novus trucks designed by Daewoo, one of the biggest commercial truck market names. Tata Daewoo Novus is a global player with various Novus vehicles that serve different purposes. Cargo, dump, mixer, and tractor are available from Daewoo with the highest safety and durability standards.

The cargo Daewoo Novus truck is characterized by a high-pressure fuel injection system that optimizes the fuel to the highest levels. It can be the best solution for heavy-duty cargo transportation. In contrast, the Daewoo Novus dump truck is designed out of the latest technological advancements to provide the highest safety controls and top performance.

Other Novus truck models are available to suit different needs. Each Daewoo Novus truck has a comfortable interior for both the driver and passenger. They are equipped with the best engine and hauling capability to deliver outstanding driving experience and handle the different purposes they are meant for.

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