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At SEDC, we offer the best world-class wheel loaders. Doosan wheel loader is designed to offer optimal power and sufficient force. The wheel loaders are made of the hardest material to withstand different working conditions.

Each model of the wheel loader can deliver an exceptional operation rate. It is a reliable machine with a multi-function hydraulic system that lasts for years. Doosan combined power and intelligence to offer a working machine that performs at the highest levels.

The machine engine is one of the top-quality engines with high torque that boasts its power to penetrate the hardest materials. As for maintenance, Doosan loaders provide easy and low-cost maintenance. The design of the machines is already durable enough to reduce the maintenance cost and need.

Doosan has different models with different operating weight and bucket capacity. Whether it is the DL or SD models, both are guaranteed to deliver the best performance in the most challenging situations.

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